Strangeness of Others by Nick Ward directed by Deborah Iversen

Strangeness of Others


This production was performed at The Studio Theatre UEA Norwich 2017. The play was first performed at the National Theatre and won the George Divine award.

A fast paced moving play, directed by Deborah Iversen, focusing predominately on the political and social divide, in the 1980's in London.

"I enjoyed the challenge of this production, using no set, but dividing the scenes by lighting only" 

Dalton's Back By Keith Curran

A heartfelt touching play as Dalton a young school teacher carries his childhood nightmares into his adult life, growing up within a dysfunctional family with an emotionally volatile mother, who quickly alternates between abuse and affection and a hard drinking absent father, he continually struggles to bond and form any healthy relationship within his adult life.... 

Me & My Friend by Gillian Plowman

At theCvenue 34 Edinburgh received a 4* review

"Disturbing even for the most stable observer must be seen" Three Week- Edinburgh

Dalton's Back by Keith Curran & Me & My Friend by Gillian Plowman directed by Deborah Iversen